Educational Activities Series - First post! |

Educational Activities Series - First post!
Finding fun activities for your children that are educational but engaging doesn’t need to feel like work. In this blog series, I’ll be giving you lots of activity ideas for children of all ages, from toddlers to Grade 3.  

TODDLERS: (ages 1-3)

Make a Shape Book

Coloured Paper
Stapler/Hole punch & string
  1. Draw 1 shape on each piece of paper (e.g. triangle, square, star, octagon, hexagon, circle, rectangle). Staple pages together or use a hole punch to make holes and then tie pages together with string, so that you have a “book” of shape pages.
  2. Collect some magazines and flip through them with your child, finding any objects/pictures that match the shapes. Cut them out and past them to each corresponding page.
  3. Take a walk in your neighbourhood. Have you child spot shapes in the real world! Take pictures, print them at home, and paste them on the corresponding pages.